Nail colors

Brigitte Bottier nail polishes are about the variety of colors and shades: from dark to light, from bright to pastel. Its long-lasting glossy formula creates a gel coat effect. Handy Salon Brush provides easy and fast application. Special 7Free formula cares for your nails.

Nail Colors with Textures

Shimmer, glitter, satin, thermal nail colors are too good to confine yourself to buying just one or two of them - you long to have them all! Brigitte Bottier collections are about all the hottest manicure trends.

Top Coats

Top coats with effects are all about a great opportunity to get creative. They can be both coupled with any nail colors and used alone as a coat. Enable to easily renew your manicure or change it dramatically in just a blink of an eye.

Gel Nail Colors

Gel nail colors provide a perfect solution for businesswomen who are not used to spend a lot of time on manicure. Up to 2-3 weeks of wear. Amazing palette of shades for every occasion for an incredibly long-lasting and beautiful coat.

Nail care

Treatments enable nail strengthening, fast drying and maximizing the lifespan of your manicure. Brigitte Bottier nail care is your magic stick when it comes to manicure.