About the Brand

Brigitte Bottier brand originates from France. French charm, inimitable style, sophisticated taste, couture fashion and high quality standards underlie the history of creating the brand. We take advantage of country’s wide experience to make new nail color collections exist. Combining latest trends, original primary products from France and advanced technologies in manufacturing, we create a truly high-quality product.

Brigitte Bottier nail color collections provide the quality of a salon manicure which is also perfectly adapted for at-home use. Specially formulated nail colors are not only about manicure but nail care as well.

Handmade Italian Salon Brush made of animal hair provides an easy and convenient application. Inimitable style and excellent quality at affordable prices make the brand highly appreciated by our partners and distributors. The number of brand admirers is constantly increasing since Brigitte Bottier inspires to be beautiful, stylish and on top of trends.